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As a company of Engineering and Logistics , we segmented our services broadly , to meet the diverse needs and demands of the sector . Here are our specific :

Works Administration ; auxiliary activities of waterway transport; Retail general construction materials ; construction and mechanical ; Buildings ( Residential , Industrial , Commercial and Services ) ; Inspection and maintenance of pipelines and engineering tracks ; Inspection equipment; hand leasing work; Maintenance and repair of other machines and special purpose equipment; Industrial maintenance in general; Installation of metal structures (except temporary ) ; industrial installation works; civil engineering works ; Finishing works construction ; technical engineering services ; specialized services with own labor, allocated in the client's workplace ; pipelines transport
Logistical support (equipment and individual ) ; operational support ship; Collection and treatment of solid waste; administrative services to third parties
Car rental without driver ; Rental of machinery and equipment for construction and civil engineering , including scaffolding ; Leasing of industrial equipment and vehicles ; Leasing of road passenger vehicles with a driver, in the territories : Municipal , intercity , interstate and international
Hiring a specialized company that offers building maintenance and cleaning services is essential in several segments, such as industries and commercial buildings. It is of utmost importance that the execution of the maintenance and cleaning service is up to date in these places to ensure that its users have the best experience and to guarantee the safety and good sanitary conditions of the places.